better buying prices from your wholesaler on products from the top suppliers

planograms for the best-selling core range of retail products

a smarter ordering system to save staff time and effort

a fully integrated digital marketing programme

1. What is The Pharmacy Co-op?

The Pharmacy Co-op is a retail group for independent pharmacies which is run by the consulting team at RPM Retail for CDC Pharmaceuticals.


The Co-op aims to improve your pharmacy’s retail sales and profits using the principles of good Category Management. We have developed a data-driven range of core products and planograms designed to maximise your retail pharmacy sales and profits.


You receive a weekly newsletter which provides top-selling products, new products, pricing guides, a monthly staff sales performance ranking and tips on how to use the RPM reports.


The RPM software for Co-op members provides an ordering system to make it easy for your staff to place orders for the core range and receive discounts from your wholesaler.


Every two months we send you a fresh set of point-of-sale promo tickets to use on shelves and dump bins around the shop featuring TOP SELLERS and HOT DEALS.


We have also developed a state-of-the-art digital marketing programme which includes a loyalty club, email marketing, website support and maintenance, e-commerce and social media posts.  All of these are designed to make it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers online.


improved Gross Profit margin  = +2% more retail profit

increased sales = +10% better than other pharmacies

reduced stock holding  = 10% less stock

Typical benefits in the first year of membership

2. What are the costs for becoming a Pharmacy Co-op Member?

  • The monthly membership fee is $500 per month. This fee covers the ongoing costs of the RPM benchmarking and ordering software. This cost will typically be covered by the additional wholesaler discounts you receive on your core range purchases.

  • The optional digital marketing fees are an additional $500 per month.


3. Are there any other costs?

The RPM merchandising consultants will prepare a quote for the one-off costs for a new shop layout design (if required) and for coming instore to re-merchandise and implement the planograms .

Initial website design and development one-off costs are additional (if needed).


4. What other commitments from members are required?

Members agree to:

  • stock the Core Range of best-selling products,

  • implement The Pharmacy Co-op planograms and instore promotional material,

  • buy the Core Range of products regularly - direct or from your preferred wholesaler (PWL or CDC).


5. Can I still stock other (non-core) products?

Yes – this is at your discretion. But the Core Range products should be displayed in the agreed planogram positions. Smaller pharmacies are likely to adopt the Core Range with very few   additions.


6. Do I have to change my pharmacy name or signage?

No - there are no name changes to your independent pharmacy. (You may need to add or improve your category signs as part of our review of your merchandising).

All the benefits of a franchise - at a fraction of the cost


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