BIG issues affecting pharmacy

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

The talk at the Access Conference in May was about a number of challenges affecting all pharmacies.

The Chemist Warehouse, Bargain Chemist, Countdown pharmacies and Zoom are examples of the new competitive environment.

Bargain Chemist, Christchurch

Challenges & Threats

  • Discount activity on both retail and dispensary services

  • Competition from new pharmacy openings (medical centres, supermarkets and discounters)

  • Increasing online activity (retail and dispensary)

  • The continued decline of beauty sales in pharmacy

  • Increasing dispensary automation costs

  • Increasing demand on pharmacist services in pharmacies (vaccinations / sales of pharmacist-only-meds

  • Ongoing regulatory threats to both ownership and dispensing contracts

Our advice to members is:

  • Don’t compete on price with the discounters

  • Understand your position in the marketplace – be the convenient health expert

  • The most popular “product” in your pharmacy is the service from your pharmacist

  • Improve “customer experience” by making shopping easier

  • Don’t stock every product – you need to “curate your range”

  • Clear point of sale ticketing and displays need to show the customer “why” they should buy

  • Use digital marketing tools to communicate with your customers

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself – get experts in to help your business to change

We are helping our 35 Pharmacy Co-op members to focus on their retail health business as an overall business improvement strategy.

Our goal for every member is: more sales with less stock!

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help your pharmacy to improve your retail results.



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