Co-op members' first group conference

We had 36 delegates attend the inaugural Members' Conference in Hamilton on Saturday and Sunday.

Feedback from delegates included:

"It was wonderful to meet with such a great group"

"The conference was extremely well organised and enjoyable"

"The sessions were inspiring and will help the growth of our pharmacy"

Thanks to everyone who participated - and a special thanks to Ian, Tim and the team at Anglesea Pharmacy - for allowing us to visit their exciting new premises!

Supplier Partnerships

We also met with some key supplier partners in Hamilton - and shared with them this update on the current performance of retail categories across our membership:

Last 8 Weeks - Sales by Category

The key points to note from these figures are:

1. Member's retail sales have matched the same time last year overall

2. Skin Care and Cosmetics categories have declined significantly (-5%)

3. OTC sales have grown (Pain Relief, Allergies & Sinus, First Aid)

4. Health Supplements sales are flat (no growth) Vs last year.

We are continuing to work with our supplier partners to ensure that the focus in our members' pharmacies is on the Core Products and promotional opportunities that are providing growth opportunities.

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