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Updated: Dec 21, 2018

  1. We now have 25 Foundation Members in The Pharmacy Co-op (19 using CDC and 6 using PWL as their wholesaler). Annual Retail Sales = $16M

  2. Core Range & Planograms & OTC Formulary. The September update includes 950 Core products that are the best sellers that every pharmacy should stock and recommend. We discourage small pharmacies from stocking non-core products – and the Core Products should occupy the best shelf positions as per our planograms.

  3. We have 5 Suppliers providing us with discounts on their Core Products – Douglas, Reckitt Benckiser, Pharmabroker, Vitaco (all through the wholesalers) and Go Healthy (direct). We are continuing talks with Aspen, Bayer, Inner Health, USL, Pfizer, GSk, JnJ and Radiant to arrange further discounts.

  4. John's Weekly Tips – this newsletter provides a few suggestions each week for your retail team to action. Retail success is made up of many small improvements.

  5. Point-of-sale Ticketing templates for HOT DEALS and TOP SELLERS. You should have 40 Top Sellers and 6 to 8 Hot Deals with tickets on them in your pharmacy. We provide these for you to print and we have the evidence to show that this is your most cost-effective marketing tool!

  6. The Pharmacy Co-op Manual – You will have received a hard copy for your reference – and your staff should keep this up-to-date by adding newsletters and updates to your folder.

Sales of Core Products for the 8 Weeks to the end of October 2018:

Co-op Members’ Sales $ up +7% (Vs other Non-Co-op pharmacies -2%)

Co-op Members’ Gross Profit $ up +8% (Vs other Non-Co-op pharmacies -2%)

Part of the secret to achieving these results is that we are coaching each store to use the Smarter Ordering software in RPM which optimizes your buying and means that you are never out-of-stock of Core Products.

Vivian Pharmacy, New Plymouth

Next Steps:

1. We plan to grow to 30 Foundation Members by early 2019. We will prepare an official launch (press release in Pharmacy Today) in February / March 2019. We are planning our first member conference in early 2019.

2. We are putting in place a new Info Portal (documents, how-to-guides, chat area and news etc.)

3. We will continue to research electronic marketing tools (e.g. customer club email campaigns, website content, Facebook content and instore TV content) – and we look forward to bringing you the best-of-breed and cost-effective solutions in these important areas.

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