Inaugural Pharmacy Co-op Conference

The Pharmacy Co-op retail group will be holding its conference for independent pharmacies in March.

This inaugural Pharmacy-Co-op conference is being held in Hamilton on March 16th and 17th, and will provide pharmacy owners and their key retail staff with a chance to share best practices and discuss common challenges.

Download the preliminary Conference Agenda details here

The Pharmacy Co-op is run by Composite Retail Cooperative, a fully member-owned cooperative which supports over 200 independent retailers in five divisions in such diverse retail sectors as flooring, furniture and gifts.

Ian Caulfield, Composite’s CEO says that member meetings and conferences are an important way for the cooperative to build and support their members’ businesses. “All of our members are independent, owner-operators, and it is critical that they belong to a nationwide group if they are to remain competitive”.

During the Hamilton conference members and their retail managers will be given a tour of Anglesea Pharmacy. The former after-hours pharmacy in central Hamilton underwent a major expansion in 2018 and is now one of New Zealand’s largest pharmacies.

Anglesea Pharmacy’s Tim O’Donoghue says that joining The Pharmacy Co-op and putting in place efficient systems has laid the foundation for a wide range of health services being incorporated into the pharmacy’s consulting rooms. “This retail group is strengthening pharmacy’s place in the provision of professional, affordable, accessible services.” Tim says. “We are excited about being part of a nationwide network of like-minded independent pharmacy owners.”

The Pharmacy Co-op is forming partnerships with key suppliers of core retail products – although this conference will be for members only with key supplier meetings being scheduled for the Friday before the conference. The group has appointed a panel of pharmacy owners to meet with suppliers four times a year and discuss product opportunities. The three representatives on the panel are Anne-Marie Reidy (Medplus Pharmacy and Hauraki Corner Pharmacy), Clive Cannons (Clive’s Chemist) and Lorealle Lam (Antidote Group).

Anne-Marie Reidy says that belonging to The Co-op has been a game-changer for her pharmacies. “The discipline that comes from carrying a small range of the best-selling core products takes some time to adjust to – but the efficiency and improved profits are worth it! We’ve tried all sorts of different retail marketing brochures and product ranges – but this is the only one that delivers increased profits every month and reinforces our position as a health professional”.

The Pharmacy Co-op plans to grow to over 100 pharmacies making it an important player in New Zealand’s pharmacy scene.

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